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The Bloom Program

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The CoolBird Business Center provides the support, coaching and education needed for entrepreneurs, authors and speakers to sustain in the marketplace. We help and encourage the aspired to create and fine tune their business ideas, book ideas and messages for speaking engagements. Our clients experience a 12-week program of weekly lessons / assignments, structured goal setting, business development, self development and planning activities customized for their projects. 


When you register for the 12-week Bloom Program, you will leave ready to launch or relaunch your project. We help authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs alike, prepare for the marketplace with the managerial skills, emotional intelligence, financial and business credit education needed to sustain a prosperous business. 


If you are debating on whether to start your business, rebrand your business, publish your book, develop your course and workbook, or start your speaking career, then you should schedule a consultation to discuss your vision. When you apply and are accepted into our program, you will have access to our in house services:

  • shared work space 

  • 12-week training classes

  • discounted service on full-service publishing, course design & workbooks

  • discounted services on image (hair, makeup, photos, video & wardrobe)

  • discounted advertising opportunities

  • discounted communication solutions

Click Here to complete our Discovery application to see if your idea/project qualifies for our 12-week program. We only accept 12 students every year. Payment plans are available.


Why wait any longer...Let's GROW something!

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The Bloom Program



In the CoolBird Business Center, never be caught again out of control and under-developed. We also provide a checklist and business map to be certain you have not omitted steps in your process. What are you waiting for? When I started my business nearly 10 years ago, I had to navigate through all those levels of maturity as it relates to becoming an entrepreneur and evolving into a profitable business owner. Maturity is a necessity when ideas need fine tuning and when there is no money to get the inventory. Emotional Control is needed when you want to pop off at the client who just put your mistake on blast via social media. Professionalism is a must, and you must ask yourself are you tethered to a hobby or building business that has the potential for generational wealth. Systems and processes are seemingly obsolete due to the rushing and robust launch of new entrepreneurs.

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