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Discipline outperforms motivation....



Sis, are you all over the place? Multi-talented, head full of ideas & can't get it together for the life of you?  Look no further if you or your organization or group are ready to bloom into who you know you can be, get started with Taminko!



You have every intention to start today, but tomorrow has come and  you or your organization has not gotten anywhere. No problem, book Taminko to help you get your vision in motion!


Taminko J. Kelley, MBA

Founder & Creative Director

Taminko J. Kelley, is a native of Jackson, Mississippi, but currently resides in Goodwater, AL. The multi-talented professional has an MBA in Business Administration and 25+ years experience in communications, brand development, advertising, project management, human resources, hospitality, the non profit sector, retail, office management and marketing combined.


Taminko is an active board member of the Coosa County Chamber of Commerce and operates as the Marketing Director. She also serves as an active board member of Alexander City, Alabama's Black Business Council. Taminko is a wife, mother of 4, woman of faith, visionary, and atmosphere changer.


In 2013 Taminko was told to leave her job in corporate America and during this time she created CoolBird Studios, formerly CoolBird Marketing. The company is built upon a foundation of faith, consistency and hard work.  


Taminko created CoolBird Studios, a multi-media company, to provide project management, communications & graphic design to local Governments, Municipalities, Healthcare and the Dentistry Industry. 


She also assists women in complicated situations who show interest in entrepreneurship start businesses. She helps these women reach apogee, the highest level in the development process in four areas of their life:

  • Self Development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Becoming an Author 

  • Image 

This program is a 12-week course that begins October 1. To learn more about the program, click here.

Taminko is now booking for 2023 speaking engagements. To book Taminko to get your organization, group or audience motivated and on fire, to REACH APOGEE! request a media kit and pricing here.

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