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Group & Organization Coaching

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"You will never know how great you are until your determination is greater..."

I am Taminko J. Kelley and God has blessed me with a lot of gifts and talents. I have an MBA in Business Administration and by trade I am a Corporate Communications expert. I am also the founder and CEO of CoolBird Studios, an Author & Writer, Publisher, Speaker, Coach, Accountability Partner and Mentor. I created "Reach Apogee: Ready. Set. Grow.", a Business & Personal Development 

program for new, unorganized, overwhelmed, and procrastinating entrepreneurs. My desire is to help you bloom by providing the necessary water you need to grow. 


After discovering how to effectively use my gifts, I created CoolBird Studios. To some it appeared as if I was all over the place, but the Holy Spirit was navigating the blueprint. I am a Christian business owner and stand firmly on the foundation of faith. When I started this business I was broke and looking for a job. I didn't have a clue of how God was going to create a life changing platform with my scenario. Because of my Apostle Paul experience, I have compassion for those seeking to move by faith and not by sight. I also have compassion for those struggling on their journey to blossom into who God has destined them to become...

During my season of writing the vision and making it plain, my capabilities were unveiled. And because of this, I am able to offer my skillset to Corporate America and the the marketplace.  I bring over 20 years of experience combined in Communications, People Management, Human Resources, Management & Leadership, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Retail, Fundraising, Marketing & Advertising.


My particular skillset has afforded me the opportunity to assist companies, rural governments, organizations, authors, speakers  & entrepreneurs to be successful in their pursuit of discipline in entrepreneurship and communication.