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Image behind the Veil

Experience the ambience of Image behind the Veil Hair Studio...

Wait time is eliminated and replaced with 1 on 1 private sessions. Each client will occupy space and receive luxury shampoo, conditioner and treatment as needed. Your visit includes a complimentary beverage & snack, wifi access, soft relaxing music, storage for your belongings and a clean and professional atmosphere. Contact us to discuss your appointment. Sessions begin as low as $125

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As a hairstylist and owner of Image behind the Veil Hair Studio I have been trusted by many women to not only touch the crown of their heads and be responsible for the image of their hair, but I have kept many secrets, cried and prayed with many of them...I have recognized that the women I serve have one thing in common and that is the need to have a safe space to open up and be vulnerable without wondering if what they disclose will be heard again. Women also need to be encouraged to stretch their efforts to live and move in the power of their faith!


Guess what? I am here to launch that safe place...


With Love from Taminko

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