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The CoolBird Business Center

The CoolBird Business Center (incubator) was launched in 2021 as an initiative of CoolBird Studios, a multi-media company located in Alexander City, AL. The center provides office space, classroom rental, meeting room access, workshops/classes, business development programs and consulting to aspiring Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help women in complicated situations reach apogee in business and self development. 


The CoolBird Business Center has the following in-house services:

  • Office Space, Facility & Classroom Rental

  • 12-week Bloom Program

  • Business & Self Development

  • Image: Hair & Makeup

  • Publishing

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Brand Development

  • Website Development

  • Communications & Design

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The CoolBird Business Center is an incubator that was established by Taminko J. Kelley, owner of CoolBird Studios to help aspiring authors, speakers and entrepreneurs launch their idea and keep it healthy. Taminko loves the whole concept of of entrepreneurship, structure and creativity. We grow ideas in the CoolBird Business Center...Come on...Let's grow something!

CoolBird Studios
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