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Meet Coach Freda

Alfreda Hyman Edmondson is a Best Selling Author, Minister, Speaker, Christian Comedian, Lead singer of the music group Voices of Hope & a highly requested Life Coach.


Are you feeling stuck in your personal or professional life? Allow Coach Freda to help transform your negative thoughts into positive solutions. As someone who has experienced life's discomforts first-hand, she understands how challenging it can be to break through mental barriers. With her guidance, you'll develop a new perspective on life and the tools to navigate challenges with ease.

Success isn't just about talent and hard work - it's about mindset and perspective. As a seasoned Life Coach, she offers personalized coaching sessions. Through her 20 plus years of experience in corporate America and in Social Work, she has witnessed firsthand how your choices and thought patterns can lead to internal conflict. Let her help you break free from negative thought patterns and unlock your full potential.

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What Clients Say

"As an educator I'm expected to have the answers. I realize with my very first session with Life Coach Freda, that there are layers to my life and how I live it, starts with balance. I've been a virtual client of hers since 2001 and I look forward to our biweekly sessions. "


Jonthan. S

Raleigh, North Carolina  

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Christian Comedian Moma Hope

Mama Hope is the Christian comedian who is taking the world by storm. With a unique blend of humor, inspiration, and faith, Mama Hope delivers a show that will leave your audience laughing, crying, and feeling inspired. With her signature blend of wit and wisdom, Mama Hope takes the challenges of life head-on, recovering greater and living every day to the fullest. Book her for your next event, and experience the joy of Mama Hope for yourself.

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Sentenced to 40
To Serve 10
Out in 2


Alfreda Hyman Edmondson

My story is one of transformation, from a successful career to spending time behind bars.  I provide a unique perspective that comes from experiencing both the boardroom and prison life, I speak with honesty and authenticity. As a motivational speaker, I offer a powerful message of transformation and hope. My experience of being sentenced to 40 years but being released in just 2, thanks to God's grace, has equipped me with a unique perspective on life. I discovered the power of God's Word and was able to minister to others in prison. I speak with passion and vulnerability, sharing the lessons I learned and how others can find hope and transformation in their own lives.


The Voices of Hope

The Voices of Hope will capture the hearts and ears while touching the souls of listeners in a way nothing else can. Their powerful and anointed voices will inspire and move your audience while ministering through song. With their dynamic flow, they aim to uplift, heal, and inspire all those under the sound of their voice. Contact their manager, Tieshia Evans for your next event and experience the transformative power of our music.

The Voices of Hope
The Voices of Hope
Voices of Hope


God's Leading Lady, Pastor Dorothy Hyman

As a chaplain, my role goes beyond providing spiritual guidance and prayer. I am here to advise and guide you through difficult times, always with compassion and understanding. My approach is open and non-judgmental, allowing you to feel comfortable discussing any issue that is weighing on your mind. I am dedicated to helping you find comfort and peace.

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Let me help you squeeze the lemons out of your life...

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Contact:  706.415.3501

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