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CoolBird Publishing House
Hard Copy. Soft Copy. Audio. Ebooks.

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Welcome to CoolBird Publishing House! We are a full-service publishing company and provide all internal publishing for CoolBird Studios. We have been publishing projects from start to finish since 2014. Are you ready to publish your book, create a course or design a workbook?  


Sometimes our clients don't need full-service publishing and still are able to use our other in-house services such as:

  • editing & proofreading

  • book cover design

  • illustration

  • e-book or audio book

  • copyright registration

  • book promo video & voiceover


Either way, we can help you from start to finish. Complete our super easy online assessment and a team member will contact you to discuss your application. For more information, download our media kit.


Your book is placed on several major platforms...