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The Bloom Program


The Genesis of Entrepreneurship Master Class

The Bloom Program is an online ecosystem for struggling entrepreneurs who have been in business for five years or less. Your idea is good, and you may even have the money, but either you are missing some steps, don't have a plan or there is a flaw in your process.

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The Bloom Coach

My role as The Bloom Coach is to help you discover your untapped potential and unlock your passion for success in business. As a certified Business Coach and explosive motivational speaker, I'll guide you on your journey, from thought to conception, using a combination of faith, discipline, and vision to help you reach new heights. With my firm but compassionate approach and nurturing support, you'll find the inspiration and determination you need to achieve your goals.



MBA in Business Administration
Certified Business Coach &
Certified Project Manager

Discipline outperforms motivation.

"You will never know how great you are until your determination is greater." -Taminko J. Kelley

Taminko J. Kelley, MBA

 Publisher | Coach | Project Manager

Taminko J. Kelley is a native of Jackson, Mississippi, but currently resides in Goodwater, AL. The multi-talented professional has an MBA in Business Administration and a business coaching & project management certification. She brings 25+ years of experience in communications, brand development, image, and positioning to her clients, as well as a background in human resources.


Taminko is known as the Bloom Coach, as she provides strategy and inspiration to those struggling and pursuing entrepreneurship and personal development. She is a woman of faith, wife, mother, visionary, and atmosphere changer. In 2013, Taminko was told to leave her job in corporate America. During this time, she created CoolBird Studios, formerly CoolBird Marketing, and later added their sister company, Coolbird Publishing House. The company is built upon a foundation of faith, consistency, and hard work.  Taminko created CoolBird Studios, a multi-media company, to help businesses, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs reach apogee, the highest level in the development process. 

Contact Taminko for speaking engagements if you want to motivate your organization, group, or audience to REACH APOGEE!


Request her Speaker One Sheet here.

The Producer & Director

As a Writer, Voice Artist, Producer, Director, Videographer & Video Editor, storytelling is at the heart of what I do. My passion is creating short film, plays & documentaries that inspire and move audiences. As an interviewer, I work to bring out the best in my subjects, capturing their unique perspective and sharing their stories with the world. I am also the co-host of "Cooking Up the Sauce", a podcast created by music mogul, Noah Peterson, known as Young Bopete. He is the CEO and Producer at Quantum Records, where we showcase creatives by giving them a platform to be seen and heard.


Whether it's behind the camera or in front of it, I am dedicated to producing meaningful content that connects with people on a deep level. With over a decade of experience in the Media industry, I have built a team that can assist me in creating captivating visual content. My most notable work includes producing and directing 10 episodes of the Gloria Boleware Show, a local talk show host, which aired in 2015. During that time I also produced commercials for small business owners.  Even today I produce book promo videos for our authors.

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